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Our Story

About Us

7oak developers develop a drawing where you can live your colors of Life. Since 2005 we are providing the best commercial and living spaces. Lifestyle at 7oak is fusion of peace of nature and comfort of modern living. The confidence of our continuous customers encourages us to grow rapidly as real estate developers in Dholera. Serving since 2005, we are situated in Dholera and Ahmedabad.


We pursue to build a better life for our customers by extracting our core strengths and expertise at Quality, Customer Satisfaction and timely delivery. We also seek to create landmark of meritorious quality and design that benchmark the highest standards of sustainable living.


The Company’s mission is to develop ‘integrated master planned communities’ which comprise residential projects along with one or more community facilities, including retail and commercial developments, enabling a "live and work" theme within the same development

Our Work

Our dedicated and experienced professionals built a unique model for each project that focuses on finding and executing solutions like space creation, water supply and storage, hydroelectric manufacturing, general and specific maintenance. Our teams, thoughts and processes are focused on laying the foundation for bigger and better growth, and each 7 oak Developers project is based on the idea of imperishable and future feasibility.

Why Us

We know that the business of India has just begun due to which, we spend noticeable time and energy thinking about the needs and demands of the future. When we develop land, we do it with a vision of what tomorrow needs today. We never begin a project without a firm understanding of the development’s market, its population growth, ecological and climatic impact & changes and environment-friendly living conditions.

It is based on these findings and applications that we build the future world for our clients and partners of today. So when you look at 7 oak Developers to develop your land, lifestyle or personal space for today, know that you are promising your assets a secure future.

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  • 02 Complete Legality (N.A, N.O.C, Plan pass)
  • 03 RERA Approved Project
  • 04 Beautiful full screen sliders
  • 05 Actual Development 360 view
  • 06 Intuitive drag-and-drop
  • 07 Visual Composer plugin
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