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Dholera Smart City


Biggest ever (422 sq.kms; 42200 Hectares) schemes being
prepared – 46% DSIRDA area of 920 sq. kms.

Dholera Sir is one of the foremost Smartcity coming up in Gujarat. Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi itself has given the node to Dholera to built on of the most world class infrastructure and Technologically advanced Infrastructure. The aim of Dholera Smart City is to provide Education based School and Colleges to downtrodden and provide equal opportunities to them. Dholera is also planning to build a New Healthcare system with Advanced facilities in Hospital and Dholera Flats which are reasonable . Dholera Sir believe that Smart Cities are better than Residential Complexes in terms of Logistics, Hydro Management and Water Resources Management.

Future of Dholera SIR

A global hub of manufacturing and trading, economic activity and center of excellence, Dholera SIR is supported by world class infrastructure, superb civic amenities and proactive policy framework by the government.

 As per prime minister Narendra Modi, India is about to grow 100 smart cities which includes Dholera.

 Smart cities are more efficient than traditional cities in terms of energy, transportation, waste management and water management.

 Dholera will have it’s own Solar Power Plant to provide clean energy circulation.

 Dholera will have world class schools, colleges and institutes to provide its dwellers a quality education.

 Dholera city will have pro-efficient and cutting edge healthcare facilities.

 Dholera will also have huge commercial multiplexes and malls to fulfill the desires of people from every walk of their life.

 Phase 1 of Dholera is to develop it as an Industrial hub and later on convert it into a smart city.

 For Phase 2, in the coming future, Dholera will be a space filler for Twin City for Ahmedabad – which is the biggest commercial hub in the whole state.

 Dholera will have 10 lane international level splitting roads for comfortable and faster transportation and better logistic connectivity.

 Dholera will set an example of a perfect sustainable city with lush green garden and field on one side and skyscrapers on the other. This will make the place an apt blend of nature and technology.

 Every home will have wifi connectivity with beautiful & tidy surrounding by maintaining excellent cleanliness throughout the whole city.

 Having such essential as well as luxurious amenities all over the city will be further complimented by the Indian Railways by providing metro and bullet train services for better connectivity.

 Dholera will have it’s own city center connected via its public transport facility zone, which will be 55 mts. wide.


To develop Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as a global manufacturing and trading hub i.e. “the engine for economic resurgence of the country”, supported by world class infrastructure.


The Development Plan, taking into account the DMIC objectives and goals focuses towards creating and enabling environment to protect local industries, enhance investment climate, improve quality of life, upgrade human skills, create world class infrastructure and attract global investment”.


The project goal is to double the employment potential, triple the industrial output and quadruple the exports from the region in the next five years.


 A self governed economic region enjoying full support of the government and full potential for private sector participation.

 Logistic support of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor(DMIC) linked with efficient railway and roadway network.

 To be linked with Ahmedabad city with metro rail system.

 Proximity to sea port, closeness to International Airport.

 Premium civic amenities.

 Close to Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT).

 Close to Petro-chemicals and Petroleum Investment Region (PCPIR).

 Autonomy in operations.

 Flexibility in decisions.

 Single window clearance.

 Dispute resolution mechanism

Opportunities in SIR

01.  To build industrial parks, townships & knowledge cities.

02.  To build its infrastructure: roadways, railways, hospitals, water planning, sanitation planning, tourism and hospitality.

03.  To set up the metro rail system & International Airport.

04.  To build a potential for development as a multi-model transportation hub due to lesser distance to all the North-Indian states.

05.  Build a world class transport service for foreign markets.

06.  Anchor tenants already in place

07.  Master planning underway by M/s Halcrow, UK.

08.  Water logging, seismological & environment studies underway.

09.  The legal framework enacted: The SIR act 2009

10.  Project development corporation (GICC) formed.

Dholera SIR Current Status 2019-20

01.  Pre-feasibility study completed by M/s feedback ventures.

02.  Location identification along with details of the area.

03.  The work on the central spine road has already started

04.  Notification issued for delineation of 879 sq. kms of area as DSIR.

05.  Government has allocated 1700 hectare land for adjoining airport.


 AECOM awarded $30 million USD program management contract for Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor in Gujarat.

 Programme managers for new cities (PMNC) may be taken up simultaneously. RFP for selection of PMNC has been issued to the seven empaneled consultants and letter of award and work order issued by DMICDC to the consortium of M/s AECOM Asia Company Ltd.

 Dholera to soon host one of country’s four smart cities.

 Rapid transit systems to connect Ahmedabad and Dholera.

 Development of New Greenfield International Airport at Dholera (Gujarat) e-tender was closed on 12-Aug-2013

 IBM to help transform Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor with creating smarter and sustainable cities like Dholera SIR.

 Integrated multimodal logistics hub in Haryana and construction of new railway line from Bhimnath to Dholera.

 The final development plan for Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) and final pre-feasibility studies have been completed. The final pre-feasibility studies for renewable energy, integrated housing for industrial workers, flood management for Phase 1 development of DSIR, railway infrastructure at DSIR and water management system for Phase 1 development of DSIR have been completed.

 Government of Gujarat has transferred 70,430 acres of land to RDA (Regional Development Authority).

 On similar lines, the RFP document for Town Planning-2 (West) had been issued and the evaluation of bids has been completed and letter of award will be issued to the consultant shortly.


 Metro Link Express between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA). For Phase I, SPV is acquiring the right of way, while for Phase II (between Ahmedabad to Dholera), land is being acquired along with acquisition of land for 6 lane expressway. EoI for the selection of contractors and for monitoring consultants has already been floated by MEGA. The comments and suggestions of the State Government have been incorporated in the RFP for preparation of Detailed Project Report for MRTS/RRTS options between Ahmedabad and Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR). RFP had been issued on 1st May 2013. 11 bids have been received.

 Mega Industrial Park: Final report on techno-economic feasibility is being finalized.

 Dholera International Airport CEO-DMICDC had a meeting with Chairman AAI on 17th June,2013 to discuss the way forward for the project. Furthermore, Airports Authority of India (AAI) has been entrusted with the responsibility of undertaking the DPR and environment clearance for the project and the fee payable by DMICDC will be considered as DMICDC’s equity in the project. AAI has initiated action in this regard.

 Railway line from Bhimnath to Dholera: The project for construction of new railway line from Bhimnath to Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) in Gujarat.

 Town Planning scheme approved by Gujarat Government.

 Central spine for Dholera SIR – Ahmedabad – Vataman – Pipli – Dholera – Bhavnagar six lane Road.


Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) headed by Hon. CM will be the apex authority. GIDB can delegate such powers and functions to its executive committee headed by Hon. MOS (India) . Core functions of the apex authority like approval and modification in development plan, town planning scheme and general development regulations shall not be delegated to any committees.


Dholera is situated in Ahmedabad district in the Gulf of Khambhat identified as a greenfield port, it will be developed along with private sector participation by Dholera Port Limited (promoted by J K Group and Adani Group).

Dholera is in proximity with the coastal line. It is covered by water faces on three sides. On the east face by Gulf of Khambhat, on the north side by Bavaliari creek and on southern side by Sonaria creek.

Site Location

DHOLERA is situated in Ahmedabad district in the Gulf of Khambhat Identified as a Greenfield port, it will be developed along with private sector participation by Dholera Port Limited (promoted by J K Group and Adani Group).

Dholera is in proximity with the coastal line. It is covered by water faces on three sides, namely, on the east face by Gulf of Khambhat, on the north side by Bavaliari creek and on southern side by Sonaria creek.

To develop Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as global manufacturing and trading hub i.e. “The engine for economic resurgence of the country” which is supported by world class infrastructure. Proximity to Ahmedabad has provided Dholera a strong locational advantage with a vibrant manufacturing base and investment scenario.

Site Location : Dholera Special Investment Region

The project is spread over an area of 35,000 hectares. The processing area which is proposed is 14,000 hectares and rest is non- processing zone. Dholera port is primarily involved into handling general cargo, dry bulk, containers, ship breaking and chemical handling facilities.

Strategically located, the Ahmedabad-Dholera industrial region lies within 100 km from the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) in Southern Gujarat.

Connectivity From Dholera SIR

National Highway 8 connects the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) with Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Mumbai. Dholera itself has good connectivity with National Highway (NH) 8 (Anand) and 8A (Bagodra), augmenting Bagodra -Bhavnagar & Bagodra- Surendranagar- Radhanpur links.

As a part of Golden Quadrilateral, the 500 kms Mumbai- Ahmedabad- Vadodara expressway connects the region.

In order to make the region more accessible, an airport and a port are proposed in this region.

The port site is proposed to be connected by road with Ahmedabad – Bhavnagar highway at a distance of about 11 kilometers. Almost 2,057 hectares of government land was allocated for the development of port site.

Railway line connection is being planned for Dholera, while the nearest meter gauge connection is Bhavnagar (34 kms) and the nearest broad gauge station is Tarapur (103 kms).

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