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Dholera Smart City

Dholera Smart City

Its salient features include:

  1. Size: To be developed 2 times the size of Delhi and 6 times that of Shanghai.
  2. Is rated by Forbes as a one of its kind city in India and one amongst top 12 fastest growing cities in the world.
  3. It is a Special Investment node along the DMIC corridor, making it a site for fast-track trading and manufacturing activities.
  4. The development plans are undertaken jointly by Gujarat State Government and Central Government.
  5. Excellent connectivity through rail, road, express highway, international airport, metro and port which collectively links the city on both national and global front.
  6. Initial funding of ₹3,000 cr. received from the government which shall result in attracting FDI’s and private investors.
  7. Availability of abundant land at lower valuation makes it a value proposition for retail and international investors.
  8. First choice for smart investors owing to its strategic location, current prices and thrust from the government.
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